Strategic Partners

We ensure the healthy relationship with our partners and providers to help us secure the deliverable of any large scale project.


HBM Diversified, a wholly owned Bumiputra company established in 2003, is the leading medical gas piping system distributor that provides comprehensive healthcare solutions and services to hospitals across Malaysia. Over the last 14 years, we have been working tirelessly in installing medical gas equipment in a significant number of hospitals.
Our consistently in providing high quality medical equipment together with dedicated aftersales services, resulted in us servicing a widespread network of hospitals across Malaysia.

Our successful and reliable delivery of a large number of hospital infrastructure and design projects has also helped us win customers’ trust and confidence in our promised quality.
We invariably challenge ourselves to supply innovative products and comprehensive healthcare solutions, improving overall hospital operations and healthcare service quality.
With more than 20 employees, HBM Diversified strongly believes trust and reliability will enable us to strengthen our implementation capabilities to better serve the healthcare sector in Malaysia.

Medimaster International

MediMaster International Ltd is a medical systems company that is primarily based in the UK with a complete modern manufacturing facility inside and outside of the UK, which will enable it to compete globally in the market place.
The Company has been formed to provide a worldwide manufacturing, installation and maintenance service in the field of Medical Engineering. By collaborating with Benchmark Medical Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, The group will capture South-East Asia market starting with Malaysia.


ALVO MEDICAL provides innovative solutions and products for operating theatres and other healthcare areas, including laboratory and mortuary/pathology labs. We develop ideas into finished, market-ready commodities. We manufacture and install on turnkey basis.
The production facility is located in Poland, where the whole manufacturing process is being conducted. Several company sales and distribution offices operate in select areas around the world. The confidence of our Customers and projects in over 80 countries are our best reference. We have already earned renown for excellent technology, superior material and highest hygiene standards.

ALVO MEDICAL offers its customers a complete modular solution for modern operating rooms: modular walls and ceiling systems, specialist OR doors, operating tables, surgical lights, scrub sinks, patient transfer systems, medical furniture, modular cabinets, surgical instrument tables.
We provide custom designed products including art glass panels following the philosophy of ‘healing by design’. ALVO MEDICAL have developed an advanced OR integration system ALVO INTEGRA to ensure optimal collaboration among surgeons, anaesthesiologists, radiologists and other medical staff.