Modular Surgical Operating Theatre System (MSOTS) 

“Make sure your working environment is ergonomic”

In modern operating rooms innovative surgical procedures are being performed. Hospitals are often facing cost and design challenges and daunting technology choices.

With modular walls, the surgical space can be perfectly tailored to the user’s needs. Modernization or technology upgrade can be done overnight without disturbing the surgery plan.  

Modular solutions are also preferred due to their short installation time and flexibility to add new elements to an already existing system.

Benefit of Modular OT

  • Enhanced clinical outcomes through proper access to patient’s data
  • Holistic approach to designing operating rooms and other hospital areas in order to support cleaning procedures and enhance hygiene
  • Eliminating cable clutter, clash of technologies and providing optimal workflow
  • Using best quality materials and design solutions, optimizing lights parameters in the room
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Future-proof architecture
  • Possible to develop or add onto existing system
  • Surgical team’s integration
  • Technology integration
  • Modular technology with storage cabinets and monitors built into the walls saves space and gives modern and prestigious look