ALVO INTEGRA is a digital, future-proof operating room solution that offers complete integration of all devices and advanced imaging. Open software architecture allows to integrate with 3rd party devices (modalities, endoscopes, cameras, surgical displays etc.)

Modular technology in walls and ceilings coupled with an integrated video-over-IP technology solution eliminates cables clutter, equipment collisions, saves money and fosters better clinical collaboration. Doors, cabinets, viewing windows, monitors and technical supplies come flush, integrated within the walls of the OT 

Centralized Control

Centralized control and increased collaboration in the OR enhances workflow efficiency and improves patient care.


Precise, artifact-free data and images with no compression and near zero latency.

Universal Cable

One universal fiber optic cable is all you need to distribute audio, video images and patient data over the IP network, reduces the amount of training, cables, devices and set-up times