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A Better Healing Conditions

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With modular walls, the surgical space can be perfectly tailored to the user’s needs. Modernization or technology upgrade can be done overnight without disturbing the surgery plan. Modular solutions are also preferred due to their short installation time and flexibility to add new elements to an already existing system.


Healing Environments “The ambiance of a space has an effect on people using the space”.

By understanding the principals, design for health care environments has begun to include aesthetic enhancements in an attempt to reduce stress and anxiety.


Sanitized hygiene function helps to reduce the growth and spread of microorganisms that are particularly problematic such as clostridia and antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and NDM-1


Modular technology in walls and ceilings coupled with an integrated video-over-IP technology solution eliminates cables clutter, equipment collisions, saves money and fosters better clinical collaboration. Doors, cabinets, viewing windows, monitors and technical supplies come flush, integrated within the walls of the OT

Make sure your working environment is ergonomic

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