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Healing Environments “The ambiance of a space has an effect on people using the space”.

By understanding the principals, design for health care environments has begun to include aesthetic enhancements in an attempt to reduce stress and anxiety.

Modular system successfully integrating light, space, colour, shape, texture and artwork — as well as sounds and sensations — they create space that manifests a harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Studies clearly show that making specific aesthetic changes in healthcare facilities has positive effects — both physical and psychological — on patients. While also improving staff morale and efficiency, bright, cheerful surroundings can help reduce medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. 


Mainly inspired by nature, because of its soothing effect on patients and hospital staff. Our designers are there to help you choose colors and graphics for your hospital.

Healing Factor

Operating rooms where minimally invasive surgeries are being performed, and in ICUs/NICUs and patient rooms to create intimate, healing atmospher.

Cost Effective

Steel and glass decor walls have become very in-demand in hospitals due to its high hygienic qualities as well as interesting design. Hence we rely on a cost effective method when it come's to design.